Is acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine appropriate for my condition?

Because traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system in its own right, it can address most health conditions. Jennifer makes herself available for a complimentary phone consultation. Feel free to discuss your health concern to assure that acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is appropriate for your condition.

What is the difference between acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine?
Although many people make the assumption that acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are one and in the same, acupuncture is simply one of a number of effective tools used by a Chinese Medicine practitioner to strengthen and heal the body, mind and spirit.

Does acupuncture hurt?

It is understandable to be apprehensive about the insertion of needles. Acupuncture needles cause minimal to no pain. They are very different than the hypodermic needles used at the doctor’s office to vaccinate or draw blood. Acupuncture needles are hair-thin, sterile and disposable. After insertion, patients often report sensations of tingling, warmth, or heaviness but rarely pain. Many patients report feeling a sense of deep relaxation or increased energy after a treatment. Sometimes the therapeutic changes are not felt until hours or days after a treatment.

What should I expect during my first visit?

The first treatment lasts ninety minutes. The session begins with a discussion of your chief complaint and a comprehensive health history. This is followed by a physical exam consisting of tongue examination, pulse examination, meridian and/or abdominal palpation. After a diagnosis and treatment plan are established, acupuncture and complementary modalities are administered.

What is a typical course of treatment?

The number of treatments varies depending on the severity and duration of the condition as well as the strength and constitution of the patient. In general, acute conditions may take just a few treatments while chronic conditions may take longer to treat. Most patients, however, report feeling changes immediately after one treatment. Acupuncture has a cumulative effect.  Once symptoms improve and overall harmony and balance are reached, treatments will be recommended accordingly.

Can Chinese Medicine be used in conjunction with Western Medicine?

Absolutely. While Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive medical system that can address many health concerns on its own, it can also work synergistically with western medicine and other modalities of healthcare.

Do you accept insurance?

Whole Care Acupuncture is an out-of-network provider for most insurance plans. Insurance coverage for acupuncture treatment varies widely from one plan to another – even among plans offered by a single insurer. We will be happy to verify what coverage your insurance provides for acupuncture treatment, and whenever possible, Whole Care Acupuncture will  bill your insurance directly for the cost of your treatments.  Whole Care Acupuncture bills usual and customary fees for all services.